Kiev Vodka Tasting Tour

You are heading to the homeland of vodka (which is called horilka in Ukraine) where it is a part of the local spirit to drink it. The classical Russian style of drinking vodka does not include any cocktails (actually the only vodka cocktail accepted in Russia and Ukraine is vodka with beer) or stirring the content of your glass. It takes only a short moment to down the big shot of vodka. Afterwards you eat zakuski, small typical appetizers like smoked fish, pickled vegetables, meats, salads with sour cream. The king of zakuski are blinis (Russian style crepes) with caviar (available for a surcharge with our vodka tasting package as well). Each round of vodka is accompanied with a toast. Our guide will give you first hand knowledge on Ukrainian and Russian vodka drinking habits. This is a great start for your evening and you will leave the typical Ukrainian restaurant in good mood and ready for some more wild action.

What is included: 
  • table reservation at traditional local restaurant
  • 3 shots of vodka with divers flavours (also the "men power" taste is available)
  • zakuski - light dinner served in buffet style
  • English-speaking female guide
around 3 hours
traditional Ukrainian restaurant close to downtown
year round activity
Group size: 
from 2 persons
  • song for the group by folklore band that is often playing in the restaurant
  • transfers (if you are staying out of downtown)
  • more exclusive zakuski selection with caviar and smoked salmon
  • steaks, chicken, fish or vegetarian meals can be pre-ordered.
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Latest feedback

The trip was success! We all had a talk during the way home and agreed the time was perfect and that what we experienced in Kiev was exactly what we have expected. Adam enjoyed stag party in Kiev with his mates in March 2013.
We just returned from the trip in Kiev and already think of organising another. We didn't expect too much as we were just a few of us (4) and we appreciate you have organised the trip anyway. Your web page is good and the booking was just easy. Joel...
Thank you for arranging everything. We had a wonderful time in Kiev and hope to be back again. Also big thanks to Elya and Daria, they were great hosts. Marco enjoyed his stag weekend with friends in Kiev in March 2013.
I think the local people are very friendly and had a lot of understanding for not speaking Ukrainian and drinking more than at a birthday party let's say ;-) We all agreed its a great place for stag do because its different and normally you don't often...
Hi, we all had a great time, everybody enjoyed the activities and fortunately none of us went to some extreme. The shooting and paintballing were two stand out activities for sure, we can recommend the shooting in Kiev to everyone. Izak we are glad you...

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